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Zhuji Xishun Plumbing Fittings Factory

C&N Aquatherm, officially named Zhuji Xishun Plumbing Fittings Factory, was set up in 2015 in Diankou Industrial Park of Zhuji City. C&N Aquatherm started with the production of PP-R pipe fittings, then began integrating online sales and marketing with offline production. Thanks to concerted efforts and constant need from international markets, C&N Aquatherm has now developed into three joint-venture producing plants for pvc pipe and fittings, hdpe pipe and fittings, brass pipes fittings. Atop of those, we have close relationship with many burgeoning workshops around China and have more than 20 strategic cooperation factories for sanitary & plumbing products. Our products are mainly exported to Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe and America.


To be specific, up to now, we sell quality with competitive price for the following products: PPR pipe fittings, Fiber-Glass Reinforced PP-R Pipes, PPR-AL-PPR pipe, PPR-AL-PERT pipe and stable state aluminum plastic composite PPR pipe, pvc-u pipes and fittings and valves, pipe cutters and welding machines, PVC-U BS threaded fittings, CPVC ASTM D2846 pipe and fittings, CPVC SCH80 pipe and fittings, UPVC SCH80 pipes and fittings, PVC-U SCH40 pipes and fittings, DIN NBR5648 pipe and fittings, IRS pipe fittings, PPH BS Threaded pipes and fittings, PVC pressure pipes and fittings, PVC pressure rubber ring joint pipes and fittings with gasket, PVC pressure pipes & fittings for drainage, DWV ASTM D2665 PVCU pipes and fittings, PP sound proof drainage pipes & fittings, PVC panels, gypsum board, PVC & aluminum gutter system for rain water, PP compression fittings, over-lapped and butt-welded Aluminum plastic pipes, pex-a pipes, pex-b pipes, PEX-EVOH pipes, PERT pipes and fittings, Multi-layer pipes; Sliding pex brass fittings, pipe clamps & clips, common nails, twisted roof nails, concrete nails, shoe nails, fasteners & wire mesh. Galvanized iron pipe and fittings, scaffolding tubes, brass and stainless steel pipe fittings & valves, zinc alloy and brass valves and fittings, shark-bite brass fittings, push-fit brass fittings, Taps/Faucets, shower heads, Shower fittings; axe pickaxe, spade, sugar cane cutter. Truck and trailer parts. Polyethylene(HDPE) pipes and fittings, Type B HDPE Winding Structure-Wall Pipe, HDPE 100 Water pipes, HDPE 80 Water pipes, HDPE 100 gas pipes, HDPE irrigation drip tapes valves and fittings, socket fusion & butt-fusion HDPE pipes and fittings, HDPE valves and fittings, HDPE quick connection fittings, HDPE clamp saddles, HDPE electro-fusion pipe fittings, electro-fusion tapping saddle, HDPE soil & waste system fittings, HDPE geothermal pipes and fittings. Solar panels, solar power inverters, solar controllers, solar batteries, solar electric cookers, solar pumps, lamps, bulbs, energy saver lamps. All kinds of plastic molds and injection machines, plastic pipe and panel production lines.


We can do OEM for the products we make ourselves, for those products made elsewhere, we can be your purchasing agent in China. We have hundreds of genuine manufacturing factories across China and a team of professionals in charge of market and factory guiding, translating and interpreting, sourcing, warehousing, container loading, shipping, forwarding and after-sales following. C&N Aquatherm particularly welcomes those customers who will partner with us at a strategic level, we are more than happy if we can mainly work on shipment control and quality control only. In a word, C&N Aquatherm can offer you very good cooperation conditions.

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